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The Corinthian Food Store Collective is a Sydney-based ensemble dedicated to creating new work about the experience of living in Australia today. We are fascinated by the fluidity of Australian identity and we are dedicated to telling stories that reflect the diversity of our country in all its forms.

The Corinthian Food Store shows are a unique live experience, tapping into Australia’s rich history of clowning, storytelling and live music. Our work uses both intellectual rigour and excessive idiocy to explode moral relativism and antagonise cultural norms.

The Collective was founded in 2012 by two NIDA Alumni and has since grown to 8 core members and an expanding group of collaborators.

The Corinthian Food Store Collective is Isabella Andronos, Michael Hili, Shiv Palekar, Duncan Ragg, Matilda Ridgway, Jessica Vickers, Vanessa White and Charles Wu.




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Charles Wu

Co-Artistic Director

duncan ragg

Co-Artistic Director

vanessa White

General Manager

Matilda Ridgway

Artistic Associate

shiv palekar

Artistic Associate

Michael hili

Artistic Associate

Isabella Andronos

Artistic Associate

Jess vickers

Artistic Associate


This, this is mine

Just because someone stood on this land and said ‘this, this is mine’ and everyone else was fool enough to believe him. You’re just a hunk of meat with a flag. Anytime I like I can step over there and carve you up and take what you got and there’s nothing you can do to stop me. You’re soft. You break. None of your talk can stop that…

TTIM is the story of Eva, an Anglo-Australian woman, who returns to the house of her estranged father following his funeral. While going through her old possessions her Chinese-Australian childhood friend Les shows up, demanding that they follow up on the plans of their youth by setting fire to the house and running away together. While the spectre of the outside world and a violent hurricane looms large, Eva and Lester struggle to unearth and acknowledge their past and to assume control over their own narratives and in turn each other.

Set inside a decaying suburban living room, This, This Is Mine features the incomparable Matilda Ridgway (Belvoir's Jasper Jones, Bell Shakespeare's Hamlet) and Charles Wu (Belvoir's Jasper Jones, Channel 9's Doctor Doctor) as well as an intimate live set from Sydney's Chinese digi-pop genius Earthquake Magnificent.

Written/Directed by Duncan Ragg.
Designed by Isabella Andronos and Michael Hili.


All it takes is a downturn - a flood - and they begin to swarm. It's something about being part of a group, and the serotonin in their legs. They respond.

Giorgio returns home from school to find a village suspended in grief. This is a piece about natural disasters and the Sri Lankan National Hurdling Championship.

With: Shiv Palekar, Georgia Wilkinson-Derums, Charles Wu, Emele Ugavule, Elliott Mitchell, Guy O’Grady, Sophie Kesteven, Gautier Pavlovic-Hobba, Jessica Vickers, Thuso Lekwape and Matthew Predny.

Directed by Duncan Ragg
Designed by Michael Hili
Music by Charles Wu and Emele Ugavule

The corinthian

Everything with wings is restless. Which reminds me - I've been assembling all these old tapes of rehabilitated animals reuniting with their trainers - wanna watch?

Fleur wants a nicer neighbourhood.
Lemon wants the child she lost in the tsunami.
Winston wants his old life back.

Developed by: Duncan Ragg, Charles Wu, Emele Ugavule, Joel Horwood, Pip Dracakis and Jessica Vickers.
Directed by Duncan Ragg
Designed by Isabella Andronos
Music by Charles Wu and Emele Ugavule

Development of The Corinthian was greatly assisted by ATYP and Rock Surfers Theatre Company.



Would you still love me if...


Written by Duncan Ragg and Hannah Dougherty.
Directed and shot by Hannah Dougherty.
Starring Shannon Ashlyn and Duncan Ragg.
Production design by Ara Nuri Steel and Courtney Westbrook at Brass Tacks - Production Design
Produced by Rona Lewis and Imogen Darling-Blair at Velvet, Half Pie Productions and The Corinthian Food Store.
Costumes by Ash Bell.
Make up by Amber Adams.
Score by Wil Hughes
Sound Mix and Design by Joseph Dutaillis
Colour Grade by Angela Cerasi.
Post Production by The Editors: Stewart Arnott and Matt Edwards.
Lighting assistance from Kate Cornish and Jason Rogers.
Premiered at: TEDxSydney 2018

Reviews for 'this, this is mine'

Photo: Nick McKinley

Photo: Nick McKinley

'I don't want to tell you anything about this play except that you should go - because the whole experience is a really nice surprise' FBI.

'the unfolding drama is powerful, sudden, surprising and revelatory...The Corinthian Food Collective, and Artistic Directors Duncan Ragg and Charles Wu have revived the intimacy and the power of Salon Theatre with a play that reverberates with the issues and concerns of a young generation in search of meaning, identity and recognition.' Critics' Circle

'a jollity and conviction that is compelling...Ragg's writing and rhythm are reminiscent of Gunther Grass.' StageNoise

'With their new show This, This Is Mine Sydney-based company The Corinthian Food Store show themselves already to be masters of the form...Writer/Director Duncan Ragg has crafted a marvelous thing. His script and direction fill the space to the brim with tension, humour, poetry and realism...there is a feeling of being transported.' ArtsHub

'Charles Wu and Matilda Ridgway hold this space perfectly ...They remain utterly present with each other from start to finish; they make their intricate, controlled performances seem the most natural thing in the world.' ArtsHub

'This season in Melbourne is already sold out, but if you hear of any spare tickets floating around, cancel all your plans and rush to this show. It is supremely affecting, deeply intelligent, truly live and fearless performance.' ArtsHub

'At the end, there is a closer sense of community, a shared understanding of the power of theatre to affect our lives and bring us all closer together. Ironically, the conflict between Eva and Lester has become the closer bond between every member of the audience. This is theatre that erects a signpost to the future...' Critic's Circle

Photo: Duncan Ragg

Photo: Duncan Ragg

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News & Updates

08.10.2018 - Theo and Celeste plays in competition at Vancouver International Film Festival.

15.06.2018 - Theo and Celeste premieres at TedX Sydney.

1.04.2017 - Melbourne Tour announced for This, This Is Mine, showing 19.04 - 29.04 [SOLD OUT].

1.03.2017 - Encore Sydney season announced for This, This Is Mine [SOLD OUT].

26.02.2017 - YOUAREHERE Festival shows announced for This, This Is Mine [SOLD OUT].

04.09.2016 - Canberra shows announced for This, This Is Mine, showing 30.09 - 01.10 [SOLD OUT].

25.08.2016 - Sydney shows announced for This, This Is Mine, opening 14.09 [SOLD OUT].

20.08.2016 - This, This Is Mine nominated for The Silver Gull, Sydney's new playwriting award.

18.06.2016 - This, This Is Mine previews in New York City.


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